Serge Bibauw

Serge Bibauw

Researcher in Language Learning and Technology

Universidad Central del Ecuador

KU Leuven


About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Language Teaching, French and English Linguistics at Universidad Central del Ecuador, in Quito.

Currently finishing my PhD at KU Leuven (ITEC, an imec research group) and UCLouvain (CENTAL team) in Belgium, I work on dialogue-based CALL, more precisely on task-oriented dialogue systems (chatbots) for language learning, at the intersection of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and natural language processing (NLP). My research focuses on the instructional design and the evaluation of the effectiveness of dialogue-based CALL systems for L2 proficiency development, in particular L2 fluency.

I am a PhD candidate in Linguistics thanks to a SENESCYT scholarship (Ecuador). Previously, I worked as a research assistant at UCLouvain on reflexive writing in general education.


  • Dialogue-based CALL: dialogue systems/chatbots for language learning
  • Natural Language Processing for CALL (ICALL)
  • Quantitatively measuring L2 proficiency
  • L2 writing fluency
  • Foreign language teaching


  • PhD in Linguistics, ongoing

    KU Leuven

  • Agrégation in Romance Languages, 2007


  • MA in Romance Languages, 2007


  • BA in Romance Languages, 2004

    Université Saint-Louis

Research projects


Task-based dialogue systems for language learning

Doctoral research project at KU Leuven, funded by a SENESCYT scholarship (Ecuador)

Reflexive writing at the high-school to university transition

FNRS-FRFC research project from 2008 to 2010 at UCLouvain