Can we detect short term fluency development after 2 hours of chat with a dialogue system?


Dialogue systems, such as chatbots and dialogue-based games, provide an opportunity for safe, meaningful conversational practice to foreign language learners. We evaluated how much the speaking fluency of A1-A2 teenage learners of French (N = 164) was impacted by a very short-term synchronous written practice with a dialogue-based CALL game. Pre-post comparisons of various semi-automatized fluency measures confirm that such precise metrics can detect short-term L2 fluency development. The detected effects are promising, even if the limited time on task, the shortcomings of the instructional design, and the limited transfer of learning from writing to speaking do not allow the effect to significantly outperform the test-retest training effect.

4 June 2022 14:40 — 15:10
Seattle, USA