Part 2: Towards a communicative syllabus

2.1 Functions and Communicative Goals

  • Curriculum, syllabus
  • Skills, functions, communicative goals
  • Organizing a communicative syllabus

Spratt, M., Pulverness, A., & Williams, M. (2011). The TKT Course (2nd ed.), Unit 19, pp. 127-132

2.2. Target Structures and Grammar Objectives

  • Relating structures and functions
  • Relating documents and objectives

Hutz, M. (2018). Focus on form—The lexico-grammar approach. In C. Surkamp & B. Viebrock (Eds.), Teaching English as a foreign language: An introduction (pp. 133–158). J.B. Metzler.

2.3. Curriculum and CEFR Proficiency Levels

  • CEFR proficiency levels (A1->C2)
  • Can-do statements
  • Level descriptors
  • Standardized tests

Council of Europe (2018). Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Companion volume with new descriptors, pp. 25-44 (“Key aspects of the CEFR for teaching and learning”)