1.2. Finding scientific literature

Searching for scientific literature

Organizing papers: reference management

Reference management software:

Accessing papers

  • Open access, repositories and private requests
  • Library and proxy access
  • Sci-Hub for papers (not legal, but considered legitimate by the large majority of the scientific community)
  • Library Genesis for books (a bit more problematic in terms of copyright infringement than Sci-Hub)

Prioritising the literature

  • Identifying key sources

  • Categorising sources

    Source: J. Hayton, Day 12: How to filter the academic literature (2018)

    • A: best + most relevant → read and re-read
    • B: high quality + relevant, but not essential
    • C: maybe interesting (ok quality, not clearly relevant) → keep for later
    • D: not relevant at all / low quality → throw away/do not spend time